Money    is    a   doorway

Let's cut to the chase. The coaching industry holds some pretty high prices.
Why is that?
As soulpreneurs, many coaches are operating their businesses from a place of intuition and gigantically open hearts. Myself included. For me, this means I give so much of myself to my clients, especially when we are working together 1:1. 
My pricing has been set to allow me the financial freedom to live a lifestyle that supports the work I do. Taking care of me, my desires, and my needs, actually pushes me to show up in even more potent and powerful ways with those who come through my doors.

my dream life made manifest

Laptop & Coffee

I live in a community home with my 3 other co-founders of The Cosmic Collective. Our house acts as our home, headquarters, healing space, and event center from which we work, grow, and live in unison. In working with me, you are contributing to a vision that includes non-hierarchal business structure, sovereign community living, education for sustainable self-healing, and massive amounts of co-creation.

Rent & Living Expenses ~ $1,200 / month


Education Books Bookshelves

I am committed to ongoing growth in my own journey, which means I also am dedicated to hiring on coaches to support me when the time feels right. When we work together, your financial contribution goes toward my continual learning and growing practice, which, in turn, allows me to also be a better leader. 

Ongoing Growth & Learning ~ $1,200 / month


Curved Wooden Post

I haven't been out of the country aside from two short trips my parents took me on as a small child. I am planning a month-long trip to Scandinavia for summer 2020, where I plan to go on a soul-searching journey to rediscover my roots. This trip will be about remembering the traditions of my people and recalling my magic so I can be in deeper service to the world. 

Upcoming Pilgrimage to Scandinavia ~ $4,000 total


Holding Hands

Each year I make a point to extend my work to one single client who is deeply committed to his or her own transformational journey. When you work with me, and follow through with my asked investment, you are in turn giving back to my ability to take individuals who are challenged with the monetary game through a massively empowering transformation. This process is also deeply inclusive of much-needed financial tools and systems that individuals craving self-sustainability benefit from greatly. 

Pro-bono // Scholarship Clients Committed to the Work ~ $5,000 value


Believe   in   the   work  ?

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